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Full Or Partials What Is Better?

When it comes to our teeth the ultimate answer to this question is your natural teeth.  However, if that isn’t a possibility then we need to determine if a full or partial set of dentures are better.  When it comes to a full set, this can be very expensive and unnecessary.  However, if your teeth are really bad and will eventually decay to their ultimate conclusion, then this may be the better choice.

When it comes to partial dentures danville, these can be a good way to solve the most immediate problem and help you to get the relief you need.  When working with partials however, you will have a totally different set of care requirements then you would with a full set.


partial dentures danville

When looking at the costs you have many different options.  The first is that a partial may cost you less up front but over time cost you more than a full set.  These costs can be boiled down to increased adjustments and replacements due to additional tooth loss, materials and products that you need to purchase to adhere the partials securely in your mouth as well as the cost of time and your effort. 

Damage and replacements

Whether you are going to repair or replace a full or partial set of dentures the costs will add up quickly.  When looking at replacing a partial set the overall costs may seem a little less than doing a full set, however, depending on the amount of times you replace or fix partials can also add up quickly.

General wear and tear

When it comes to our natural teeth or artificial teeth, general wear and tear will occur.  If we have yellowing natural teeth do the artificial teeth yellow as quickly?  If we get hit in the mouth and our teeth are damaged, what damage is repairable and will we need to replace the entire partial?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to our teeth and before you make any decisions you need to consult with a professional.  They will be able to walk you through the entire process.