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Commercial And Residential Pest Control Go Hand In Hand

residential tick control fishers

If it is a fairly large and developed company; and this is possible given that franchised pest control companies may have experienced quite a spurt of growth since the global pandemic took hold, it is quite possible that it will have branched out into specialised units. One arm of the business will focus on commercial concerns related to tick infestations on their premises, while the other will have residential tick control fishers interests in mind.

Previously, residential property owners may not have had too many concerns in the sense that they were taking their pets in to the veterinary surgeons for regular check-ups in any event. But what some of these pet owners may have failed to note is that at times said veterinary surgeons may have been pressing for them to have their premises sweeped and treated as well. It is almost a case of stating the obvious.

Assuming that the poor pets are confined to the premises, never going beyond the boundaries of the property other than for its daily walks and on supervised outings, where would the ticks be coming from? Of course, there is every prospect of the pets being affected in transit or along public walkways. But assuming that the pet owners have been taking their pets to the vets for regular check-ups this should be less than likely in view of the fact that the vets will have shielded the animals with clinically prescribed insect repellents.

Nevertheless, and particularly in this day and age, all property owners, both commercial and domestic should be adhering to the well-worn advice of having their premises checked out by pest control experts alongside of their regular housekeeping and risk management duties on a regular basis.