Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool

During the hot summer months, the sun will beam down on our homes causing the temperature to increase.  When this happens, we don’t want to be caught unprepared so having commercial ventilation contractors minneapolis at your disposal can help ensure that your equipment is working.  Before this is a needed call, here are some tips that you can follow to keep your house cool.

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Block windows

Consider blocking your windows on the hottest times of the day.  You can do this by using shades or blinds.  In the summer, many of us want to see the sunshine and experience the warm weather, however, blocking the view for a few hours a day can help keep your electric bills down and your home cool.

Set a standard temperature

Don’t mess with the thermostat.  To save on your electric bills and to keep your home cool you want to find a specific temperature and keep your thermostat set at that level.  If we raise and lower the temperature it can cause an uneven temperature level in your home which defeats the process.

Have your unit serviced

Don’t neglect your unit.  You want to have your unit serviced on a regular basis.  You want to have it cleaned, the chemical balanced and more.  The sooner you have your unit serviced the better chance you will have of not sitting in a hot steam box you once called your home.

Keep the yard clean

Don’t block your unit’s airflow and keep leaves and other debris from falling into the unit.  When we have the airflow blocked, we are putting extra stress and strain on our units.  If we do this on a constant basis, we will quickly burn out our units. 

Keeping our units clean, healthy and functioning properly will help to keep our houses cool and functioning all year round.

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